Everything you need to know about GREEN MENTOR programme.


Entrepreneurs and Startups

For those of you who are building an innovative green solution or company and need expert advice to help you maneuver through the sustainable business economy. Mentors with entrepreneural experience can help you navigate through the steps of introducing a new green product or solution to the market, or even guide you through transforming your existing startup solution towards a more sustainable focus.


For small and medium sized enterprises with a green business model who want mentor consultations on scaling their business upwards. Green business professionals from established sustainable businesses can help you grow your business, or even transform your business model towards a more sustainable focus.

Public sector representatives

For public entities that need guidance on executing green solutions in their municipality/city/region, or for project managers in charge of sustainable transition projects. Get input on your sustainable transition action plan from mentors actively involved in the sustainable  business network who can suggest solutions for you to implement.

Industry and Production Companies

For companies involved in production and industrial businesses that are making the shift towards greening their industry. We can pair you with experienced entrepreneurs and green business professionals from your industry that have already made the sustainability transition in their business.



3 coaching sessions with one mentor over 5 weeks


5-8 mentor sessions over 8 weeks to help entrepreneurs develop their concept 


up to 18 hours of mentoring with 1-2 mentors over 12 weeks

4.Sustainable transition

up to 36 hours of mentoring with 1-5 mentors over 22 weeks

5.Sustainable transition board

3 hours discussing with 4 mentors who are presented with your initial business case/ challenges/ goals for your sustainable transition


Strengthen your
business network

Actively participate in
the sustainable transition

Be recognized as a sustainability expert

your skills

business opportunities 

Requirements to become a Green Mentor

  • you must have 3+ years of experience as an entrepreneur or 5+ years of relevant business or technical experience within the field of sustainability. All mentors are hand-picked among the best and selected based on their expertise, their skills as advisors, as well as their desire and ability to give back.

  • professionals are busy and can have changing schedules and workloads, therefore we do our best to provide flexible mentorship opportunities that each require different degrees of commitment, time, and involvement.

  • with Sustainary’s Green Mentor Program, you can choose to devote limited hours, for example in the Express Mentor Opportunity, or choose to become involved with one or more mentees over a longer period of time, for example in the Incubation and Sustainable Transition Opportunities.

  • many companies have the desire to make a sustainable transition but need the support to do so. By becoming a mentor, you can share your expert skills to allow these enthusiastic mentees to build the sustainable businesses that will launch the global green transition.


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